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Hawaii 5-O Rocket Launcher

So like a lot of our jobs this one starts out with an email. The customer asks about us building a custom 5 pole rocker launcher for his 23' fishing boat. He also mentions that it needs to be able to accommodate Tiagra 80 reels. Most of our customer's when they say they have a 23' boat don't also tell us they use Tiagra 80's.

After emails and phone calls back and forth and get the couple measurements that we need and figure our what style with work best for this job. We decide a over the top setup with jumbo rod holders with an added center support with work best.

Once we get it all fished up and packaged it, it was off to Kauai, Hawaii. I offered the customer the option of flying me out there and I would do the install for free. Maybe next time.

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